I have license terms different from the ones on your website

Other license terms

For fonts purchased or rented elsewhere than on our site www.productiontype.com, please check the distributor’s support page to see which EULA terms apply to your order.

You may have obtained a license to one of our fonts by an authorized distributor, under a licensing agreement that differs from this website’s. Your rights to use the fonts are governed by the agreement that is provided by the authorized distributor, as well as your rights to technical support and guarantee. Only authorized distributors have the authority to issue licenses for Production Type fonts.

Support and guarantee

We do not officially provide support for fonts purchased via a distributor. If you're not sure that you procured our fonts through an authorized distributor, get in touch.

License normalization

We may require a license normalization in the cases of multiple licensing sources. See this section of our EULA.

11.3 License normalization. In the event of multiple license purchases over time by the User, if there are any differences in the terms between or among the Agreements issued in connection with the purchases, Production Type has the right to require that the terms in the latest Agreement govern the entirety of the User’s licensed uses of all Fonts supplied to the User. Production Type may also impose consistent Agreement terms on any related entities (such as foreign affiliates or franchisees) that place orders for the same Font.