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About license types

Our End-User License Agreement is structured as follows:

  1. The Standard License: A boilerplate agreement, common to all License types. It is the core agreement on which all other license-specific terms are connected. All licenses start with this part.
  2. The License extensions are a set of usage-specific terms which are listed here.

Among those Licenses extensions, some are directly purchasable online:

Extensions directly available online
TrialLicense for testing only.
DesktopLicense for the design and publication of printed graphics and static images, such as books, brochures, catalogs, and bitmap images on the web.
WebLicense for the embedding of the font in a website to render text in HTML pages via the @font-face CSS command.
Social MediaLicense for use in social media images and videos, as organic, paid-for, promoted, or sponsored posts on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and other channels.
Mobile AppLicense for the embedding of the font in a mobile app on phone and tablet to render texts, inputs, and interface elements.

The below extensions are not part of a Standard License and are not available for online licensing. Please get in touch for a quote.

On-request extensions
LogoLicense for use of an outlined font, modified or not, in an artwork that can be trademarked or registered such as logo, brand mark, tagline, baseline, or slogan.
Audio-Visual and FilmLicense for use in audio-visual, film, TV, streaming, broadcasting, or motion graphics material, public or private.
Third-PartyLicense for the transmission of the font to designated third parties for the provision of services and editing exclusively in connection with the Brand or Project.
Advertising (OOH/DOOH)License for use in advertising campaigns, audio-visual ads, billboards, vehicles, out-of-home advertising, and digital out-of-home advertising.
Online advertisingLicense for use in banners, pop-up advertising, email newsletters, and HTML5 ads on third parties web servers and websites.
Digital POSLicense for use in digital point-of-sale displays and in-store advertisement, retail stores, public indoor displays.
Product Packaging & MerchandiseLicense for use in product packaging and labels, promotional or commercial goods, and merchandise such as textile products and accessories.
OEM Software/Hardware embeddingLicense for embedding the font in hardware devices, consumer electronics, and standalone software.
VideogameLicense for embedding the font in a videogame title.
Epub and Online PDF PublicationsLicense for embedding the font in Epubs or PDF documents available for download.
Powerpoint embeddingLicense for embedding the font in PowerPoint and other presentation software documents.
Architecture, signage, and environmental graphicsLicense to use of the font on a designated geographical location, such as building, exhibition, event, conference, congress, or festival, for digital and analog signage, and environmental graphics.
ServerLicense to use the font in a web server or a CMS for the dynamic generation of analog and digital content such as PDF, business documents, brand assets, retail labels, variable data prints, tickets.
Analog DistributionLicense for creating alphabet or letterform products such as stamps, house numbers, letter stickers.