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License activation

You may have received a notice that your license is pending activation. In order to fulfil your order and issue your font license, we may require additional details such as, but not limited to:

  • a valid brand name or product name
  • a confirmation of the end-user name and their business registration information
  • a valid web domain URL

In order to comply with the “Know your customer” regulations in the European Union, we are required to properly identify our business customers. We may therefore conduct additional checks on your order. We need accurate licensing information in order to properly identify the final beneficiary of the font license, and also to keep our records up to date.

Confidentiality and in-progress projects and websites

We understand that in-progress projects or work that is under non-disclosure agreement is a sensitive matter, which is why disclosing a brand name or an URL may be challenging. While we require it, we treat your data with confidentiality.

You can also refer to our Privacy Policy. We are happy to discuss a non-disclosure agreement with you if required.