Logo license FAQ

What is the Logo license for?

A logo license enables you to:

  • use the typeface in a logo, trademark, brand mark, slogan
  • customize the outlines of a typeface
  • register, copyright and/or trademark a non-font design

A logo license is established in relationship with the trademark strategy of the filing entity, which is expressed in two dimensions. Those dimensions are the same as a trademark registration:

  • Space: the zones for which a trademark protection is filed
  • Category: the product categories for which a trademark protection is filed

Can I make a logo with my Desktop license?

A Desktop license allows you to create and publish artworks, under the conditions listed in the EULA. A Logo license extends the rights granted in the Desktop license to a specific kind of artwork.

The Desktop license enables a user to create the artwork. The Logo license enables an entity to exploit the artwork.


A logo license is only issued to the entity exploiting the logo.