How long does the license last?

Is the license worldwide?

Our online Standard Licenses are Worldwide by default. This concerns: Trial, Desktop, Web, Social Media, and Mobile App licenses.

Offline Licenses, including License extensions, may have other provisions. Please refer to your Purchase Order for further details, or contact us.

Is the license perpetual?

Our licenses are granted under the terms of an agreement. The license is valid as long as this agreement stands and can expire for a variety of reasons. In the case of expiry, some rights expire as well. Please read the “Duration” section of our license agreement for further information.

We can’t (and don’t) use the adjective perpetual, to which we prefer the adjective permanent. Here’s why:

How long does the license last?

The maximum duration of a license, when it is qualified as permanent, is equal to the maximum duration of rights as granted under intellectual property laws: 70 years in most case.

Past his period, the exploitation rights expire, and the design and data enter the public domain. Note that only the exploitation rights are discussed here, as moral rights remain perpetual and untransferrable: Intellectual property law allows the grant of rights neither in full nor for a perpetual duration.


Please note: this article is our interpretation of legal documents and should not be considered legal advice.