Font modifications

The takeaway is: we do not allow the modification of our fonts and typefaces. Please do not modify them.

Can I modify the fonts…

  • To make a new font? No.
  • To make a logo? Yes, under the clauses of a Logo License, you can modify the appearence of outlined text. See below.
  • To make a poster or a publication? Yes, under the clauses of a Desktop License, you can modify the appearence of outlined text.

Why don’t you allow font mods?

Opening and re-exporting our fonts has the cumulated caveats of eliminating many information that are useful for the font's performance, and therefore your satisfaction in using them. It is known to cause:

  • incorrect displaying in font menus
  • missing or incomplete kerning information
  • missing or incomplete hinting information

Furthermore, modifying our fonts void any guarantee and rights to support, is in breach of our EULA, and is a violation of our intellectual property rights. Don’t do it.

Exceptions to these restrictions

Not considered a font modification

Layout software and text processors offer the possibility to perform text appearance changes such as spacing, leading, slanting, boldening, WordArt gradient, etc. This is part of the regular operation of the font and is not considered a modification of the font, because the font data itself is untouched. Go ahead.

Logo license

A logo license enables you to:

  • customize the outlines of a typeface
  • register, copyright and/or trademark a non-font design

Get in touch for a quote

Don’t like something in the font?

Please get in touch to place a modification request. See this page