Production Type License Transfer

If you wish to proceed with the transfer of a Production Type license, please follow the steps below to provide us with the necessary information. This information is essential to comply with the terms of our licensing agreement.

Required Information for License Transfer

To initiate the transfer process, we need the following details:

  1. Total Number of Employees: Indicate the total number of employees currently employed by the company holding the new license.
  2. Contact Details: Provide the full name and email address of the authorized contact person within the company holding the new license. We will ask them to agree to the EULA.

These details will allow us to verify the compliance of the transfer with the conditions of our licensing agreement.

Before You Transfer

  • License Agreement: The licensee must agree to the terms of the licensing agreement. The transfer process is subject to the verification of this compliance.
  • Alignment with Employee Numbers: Production Type licenses are allocated based on the total number of employees within the company. Any discrepancy between the number of employees covered by the current license and the new company will require a license adjustment.
  • License Regularization: In case of a discrepancy between licenses, a price adjustment will be necessary. This additional fee can be settled either by yourself or by the current license holder.

For any questions or for further assistance in the license transfer process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Transfer to a client

If your client must access and use the fonts, it is advised they acquire their own license alongside yours. Additionally, some types of license such as the Logo license extension are only issued to the end-client.

Transfer to a supplier

If your supplier must access and use the fonts, check first that your existing license does not cover their use already:

  • suppliers can access and use the font files, within the framework of the Third-party license extension.
  • printers can access the font files for print and preview only, within the framework of the Desktop license. However, they must acquire a license to edit documents using the fonts.
  • web and app developers can access the font files within the framework of both the App license and the Web license.

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