License transfer

In order to change the name that appear on the license documents, or transfer the font license to a different party, a license transfer must be performed.

Assigning a license from you (the “licensee”) to another party means that they will become the party bound by the EULA, and must accept to be bound by the EULA. You can remain as the payee but not the licensee. A new license must be issued and the old license must be terminated.

Note that the scope of the license may be revised, and a new charge may be proposed. (For instance, if there is a difference in the number of employees from one company to another).

Transfer to a client

If your client must access and use the fonts, it is advised they acquire their own license alongside yours. Additionally, some types of license such as the Logo license add-on are only issued to the end-client.

Transfer to a supplier

If your supplier must access and use the fonts, check first that your existing license does not cover their use already:

  • suppliers can access and use the font files, within the framework of the Third-party license add-on.
  • printers can access the font files for print and preview only, within the framework of the Desktop license. However, they must acquire a license to edit documents using the fonts.
  • web and app developers can access the font files within the framework of both the App license and the Web license.

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