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For Git users

We do not allow the public sharing of our font files, which is constituted by a commit of such files to a public repository. Private repositories are allowed as long as all parties accessing the repository have a font license.

If you use git-based services for public repositories, such as GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab etc., you are required to exclude font files from such repositories.

Excluding font files from a git repository

A good practice is to exclude the font files from any and all git commits, by using .gitignore. For instance:


Removing font files from a git repository

You can remove font files from your repository with the following command. Commit the change to apply the removal.

$ git rm assets/fonts/font.otf

However, checking out one of the commits prior to the deletion will enable their retrieval. To permanently remove the fonts from a repository, use:

$ git filter-branch

Alternatively, the third-party tool BFG Repo Cleaner works equally well. Use:

$ bfg --delete-files assets/fonts/font.otf

These actions will modify your repository’s history. Please check the Github documentation on permanently removing files.