General Sales Conditions

You, "The User", certify that you have read and accept these General Sales Terms (GST). Quotes are provided and received before provision of the services.

  1. Imposing General Purchase Conditions to the detriment of General Sales Conditions may constitute punishable discriminatory behaviour under French law. Act no. 2005-882 of 2 August 2005, circular of 8 December 2005.

  2. No order will be executed or delivered without the prior written consent of the User specified in the quote prepared by Production Type. Acceptance of this quote by a signature or an order implies the User’s agreement with the following conditions: payment upon receipt of invoice unless stated otherwise. In accordance with Articles L.441-3, L.441-5, L.441-6 of the French Commercial Code, penalties equal to the ECB legal interest rate (0.04%) plus 15 percentage points shall apply every 30 days in the event of a payment delay exceeding 30 days. These shall fall due without the need for a formal reminder. Mandatory reference fight against late payments, Art. 53 of the LME Act for the modernization of the economy. Flat-rate compensation of €40 for collection costs are to be paid automatically without formal notice in case of a late payment: Decree no. 2012-115 of 2/10/2012, OJ of 4/10/2012. Upon cancellation of the quote after acceptance, the invoicing of expenses incurred shall be increased by 50%. In the event of non-payment, the contract will be automatically terminated ipso jure. Production Type shall recover all their rights in respect of the creations. The sums already paid will be retained. Failure to settle outstanding payments shall, automatically and without the need for prior notice, result in the immediate suspension of services such as licensing, delivery, downloads, and technical support.

  3. The prices in this quote are valid one month from its publication. They are firm and non-revisable if the conditions of the order remain unchanged and the order is made during this period. Any service not explicitly mentioned in this quote will be the subject of subsequent quote.

  4. Only the exploitation rights explicitly stated shall be transferred within any limitations contained therein (term, media, and territory). The entire production and related rights shall remain the exclusive property of Production Type until full payment. Unless otherwise stated in the quote, the transfer of rights to use the Font or the Typeface is granted for France for a period of 1 (one) year. In case of exclusive transfer of copyright by license, and unless stated otherwise, the User shall comply with an operation obligation. In the event of non-operation, it is agreed that such exclusivity shall be terminated if, after formal notice, proof of operation of the license is not provided within 1 (one) month.

  5. Production Type reserves the right to include the commercial reference “Production Type” as well as the right to mention creations made by the User and displaying the Typeface as a reference in the context of commercial prospecting, external communication, and advertising. The User accepts to include and/or uphold the signature “Production Type” and that of any stakeholder on any reproduction, irrespective of the operational field and the media used, and in the context of any representation or communication to the public, regardless of the process, including television broadcasting or online electronic broadcasting.

  6. Any of the User’s specifications, instructions, or guidelines in addition to those given in the order must be communicated in writing. After a period of 1 (one) week, the submitted creations that haven't been validated in writing will be considered rejected, and may subsequently be offered to third parties by Production Type.

  7. Any model, drawing, photograph, film, digital file, and contract document, regardless of its presentation and whatever the form, remain the property of Production Type. They must be returned at the latest after their use. The disclosure of documents, including presentation documents, does not constitute authorisation for distribution.

  8. Prices may include design and production fees, rights to broadcasting, exploitation, reproduction and representation or public communication by any process. These shall be solely for the purposes of the uses declared by the User included in the quote. Any other use, to be lawful, must be subject to a new agreement and a complementary payment.

  9. Unless otherwise stated in the quote, prices do not include the following expenses: art and documentation purchase costs, technical costs of producing presentation models, incidental production costs such as transportation, travel, and accommodation, etc., as well as the remuneration of external partners.

  10. The User undertakes to provide Production Type with one (1) copies of each medium printed or published for any use, when first circulated.

  11. All information exchanged with the User as part of the services provided by us in connection with the execution of the order is confidential. Production Type and the User each undertakes not to disclose such information in any way to third parties.

  12. The User is solely responsible for documents and texts that it provides to Production Type. Similarly, Production Type must hold the User harmless against any trouble, dispute, claim, or action that might be made by third parties claiming competing rights in respect of all or part of the work ordered.

  13. Production Type may, at any time upon simple request made to the User or at least once a year, carry out or have carried out by any authorised representative of its choice subject to professional secrecy, an audit to verify the accuracy of each of the reports prepared by the User. The latter hereby agrees to present the accounts for uses made of the works concerned. In the event this audit reveals an overage higher than the license option selected by the User in the report communicated to Production Type that served as a basis for calculating its remuneration, the additional compensation shall be immediately invoiced to the User and owed to Production Type, as well as the audit fees. The User’s information gathered during these verifications will be considered confidential information and may only be used for the purpose of the audit and any necessary adjustments.

  14. Any disputes that may arise from the execution of the order will be brought before the courts of Paris, which have exclusive jurisdiction.

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