Failed payment


If you are reading this, we are sorry that your purchase is not going the way it should be. There are many possible reasons for a failed payment. This can often be often solved by contacting your card issuer.

The only thing we really know is that the credit card declined the charge. The payment processor does not provide any more information than this. It can be for any of the following reasons. We have sorted them by order of probability.

  1. You typed a number wrong, or you chose an incorrect expiration date or bearer’s name.
  2. There is a geographical limit on spendings outside your country.
  3. There is a fraud hold on the card. This may happen when a transaction triggers a pattern that might not fit your normal buying pattern and flags the purchase.
  4. The 3-D Secure process timed out before you could confirm the purchase via 2-factor authentification (via App or text message).
  5. You have ad blockers enabled.
  6. Insufficient funds available, or the monthly/weekly payment limit has been reached.

With #1 you can try to submit the order again. With #2-7, you may need to contact your credit card company to know why the charge was declined. To try again, please close any browser window, and begin with a fresh browser.


You can always save your cart contents for later. On the checkout screen, look for the ‘Share cart link’ to store your cart information for later.