Third-party license FAQ

Who is this license for?

The Third Party license is intended at organizations that work with a large number of suppliers, subcontractors, agents, service providers or other third-parties. In the situation where all these parties need to use the fonts, and therefore obtain their own font license, the Third-Party license looks at solving compliance issues.

If you are a design agency, this license is issued to your end-client so that they can send the fonts to you and to other providers, in full compliance.

We do not issue Third-Party license to suppliers, subcontractors, agents, or service providers.

What does the Third-party license do?

The Third-party license enables the circulation of fonts within and outside the licensed organization. This specific clearance is granted with the following conditions:

  • Use of the fonts is exclusively for the provision of services and editing exclusively in connection with the Brand, Title or Project as indicated in the Invoice.
  • Customers are expressly excluded from the definition of a "Third-Party".
  • Scheduled monitoring and reporting is required.